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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tales from My Scale

Today begins the May Day Weight Loss Challenge.

My Goals: 15 lbs to lose. Today I weighed in at 129.5. To many of you, that might sound skinny. It's not - I'm 5 ft tall. Today's weigh-in puts me at a BMI of 25 - finally in the healthy range instead of overweight.

My History: I was underweight until I retired from running after college. I was on the Cross Country team in high school and college. I loved running, but my legs didn't. In 1999, I gave birth to a 9.5 lbs little monster baby boy, weighing in before his birth at 70 lbs more than that skinny runner I used to be. I don't even remember stepping on a scale between Little Man and Moo Moo's births. When Moo was about 9 months old, my sisters and I did Weight Watchers together. Still nursing Moo, I lost weight really easy. Then I started taking Paxil and my weight slowly crept back up. Now I am 6 months Paxil-free and want to lose that weight again.

My Weaknesses: Chocolate, The Jade Garden Chinese Buffet, Papa John's, comfort eating, reading blogs instead of cleaning my house and exercising.


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Good luck Jenny. I'm in the challenge with you!

Robin said...

I'm in the challenge too and just wanted to drop by and wish you luck. We can do this!

jodi said...

Hi Jenny! Found your site from Menu Plan Monday. I am in the challenge too...good luck to you!

Also, I am very interested in the cookbook you mentioned yesterday. Eating healthy is a struggle for me when I am cooking for my southern born and bred husband who wants everything fried in butter!!!